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Of the 4 million births in the United States each year, more than 90 percent of the stem cells in cord blood are discarded as medical waste. was created out of a need to increase awareness about the life-saving power of umbilical cord blood stem cells to help parents save them for their own family or donate them to help others.

Current estimates indicate that approximately 1 in 3 Americans could benefit from regenerative medicine. This figure is based on future increasing use in adults and growing research showcasing the great promise of using stem cells to treat major diseases.

More than 200 National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded clinical trials with cord blood are currently being conducted in the U.S. alone.

One Chance Only to Save Cord Blood

Families have only one chance to collect each child's cord blood. Find out about the growing momentum among state legislators across the country to help healthcare providers and families learn about all of their cord blood options.


Governor Arnold Schwarznenegger Signs Cord Blood Legislation
KFWB-AM Radio - Los Angeles
October 16, 2007

One of the bills that governor signed just before Sunday's deadline will create a state wide system for screening and storing umbilical cord blood.

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Lives Saved by Newborns
KDKA Channel 2 - CBS Affiliate Pittsburgh
October 9, 2007

There's now a new option for people looking for lfie saving blood supply. The region's first public-private umbilical cord blood collection service is being offered through McGee Women's Hospital.

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Use of Umbilical Cord Blood Pushed Usually Discarded, Cord Blood is a Rich Source of Stem Cells
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
October 8, 2007

When she considered ways to honor the memory of her husband, Daniel, Carol Berger thought about a lecture or scholarship.

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"My brother's cord blood saved my life."
- Joseph Davis Jr., Cedar Hill, Texas

A 7-year old boy who testified before the Florida Senate health policy committee on the importance of cord blood stem cell education. He was cured of sickle cell anemia with a transplant using his younger sibling's cord blood stem cells.

"Cord blood stem cells have incredible and immediate live-saving potential through treatments, but also the capacity to lead to long-term scientific advancements through research. To date, adult stem cells, like those in umbilical cord blood, are the only stem cells to have ever produced medical treatments. The funding announced today is vital to advancing and promoting good and ethical science through the use of adult stem cells."

Senator Chris Smith

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